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Home Design Projects Survey Results

A 2012 survey conducted among users of the Houzz app and website revealed some interesting information regarding recent home design projects consumers and users of the site had recently undertaken.

Important Drivers for completing most recent home design project:

  • 86% did so to improve the LOOK and FEEL of the room or home
  • 70% did so to improve the FLOW, LAYOUT and/ or FUNCTIONALITY of the room or home
  • 47% did so to improve the RESALE value of the home

Budgeting for home design projects:

  • 22% go OVER budget
  • 30% set NO budget at all

As an Interior Designer, I often get clients that want to improve the look and feel, functionality and the resale value of their home when they hire me.  This is where I and other professionals can help homeowners get everything they are looking for with one stop shopping.